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How to Prepare your home for a Deep Cleaning

February 21, 2022

How to Prepare your Home for a Deep Cleaning


Hiring a professional cleaning services to provide a Deep Clean to your home can allow you to relax, save you time. But, before you start there are certain things you can do to prepare your home. 
So, follow these guidelines before your Maid Service arrive:

Secure Valuables Such As Loose Cash, Small Electronics And Jewelry:

Most reliable and professional residential cleaning companies recruit their cleaners after strict background check . Protect valuable possessions in a safe and secure place so that the chances of  misplacing can be reduced.

Pick Up Important Papers, Bills And Other Documents:

To an unfamiliar eye, important documents such as utility bills, bank statements or insurance paperwork can be easily mistaken for trash. In order to avoid the trouble of tracking down the important documents and to protect your privacy, it is suggested to place them in a safe and secure spot. You can also leave a note stating “important documents” or “do not disturb” before your cleaners arrive.

Pickup Household Items That May Be Lying About:

Keeping flat surfaces clear of trash, papers, and other clutter will make deep cleaning simpler and quicker. To begin, consider clearing off high-traffic areas and removing items from counters, mantels, floors, shelves, and other places where you want a deep cleaning done.

Make Sure They Can Get In:

If you know aren’t be able to stick around during the cleaning, make sure that the cleaning services is able to access your home. If you hired them for a recurring cleans, it’s better to have an extra key or the garage code to enter the house. Also, don’t forget to let them know if there is an alarm code, gate code or other special instructions. 

Make Your Expectations Clear:

Every cleaning company is different regarding its terms, service conditions and pricing. Don’t be afraid to clear your expectations. If you have any special instructions call Real Cleaning Services and let them know so they will direct their team accordingly. 

Put Away The Pets:

No matter whether your pet is friendly or aggressive it is better to isolate them.  
We are sure that these tips will surely let you get the most out of your professional house cleaning experience.