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This Is How to Use Vacuum Attachments the Right Way

March 31, 2022



Confused by all those vacuum cleaner attachments? Learn how to use vacuum attachments the right way.


You just purchased a brand-new vacuum, and you’re (oddly) so excited. As you break open the box, you realize you got more than you asked for. Several attachments in all shapes and sizes fall out, and you realize you have no idea what to do with them. 

You’re probably scratching your head, examining each piece, and wondering, “What is the purpose of having so many different vacuum attachments?” 

Well, think of it as an added bonus to your purchase. Vacuum manufacturers include attachments to help you make the most of the vacuum. These specialized attachments will help you achieve a better clean and allow you to use the vacuum on more than just floors. 

With that being said, how do you use vacuum cleaner attachments properly? What’s the right or wrong way to clean with them?

Keep reading to learn all that and more. 


Common Vacuum Cleaner Attachments 

These vacuum attachments are the ones you will see the most with standard vacuums. Knowing what each tool is used for will help you maximize your vacuum’s potential and eliminate dust.



Dust Brush

The dust brush is a small, round (sometimes rectangular) attachment lined with a ring of long hair-like bristles. As the name suggests, this accessory is designed for dusting. 

The long bristles are soft yet sturdy, which means they won’t scratch surfaces. You can use the dust brush on everything from furniture to blinds, lampshades, shelves, windows, or even the dashboard of your vehicle. 


Wand Extender 

The wand extender extends the length of the vacuum hose. It looks like a long rod that fits into the hose, and it can be paired with another vacuum attachment fastened on the end. We recommend using the extender for getting to those hard-to-reach areas. Think of using this tool to reach your ceiling fan, behind furniture, under the fridge, and the top corners of your walls. 


Crevice Tool 

The crevice tool is one of the most useful and versatile vacuum cleaner attachments. It’s a small piece that features a narrow, flat, angled nozzle. It fits perfectly in tight spots and corners, hence the name. You can use the crevice tool to suck up dust along the edge of baseboards, air vents, cushions, etc. 


Textile Brush 

The upholstery attachment (aka textile brush) is a small rectangular piece with a felted fabric surface on one side. It may look approximately five inches long, featuring a removable row of nylon bristles. 

Do not confuse this brush with the dusting tool. The bristles are firmer on this attachment and are used to clean upholstery- think couches, cushions, mattresses, curtains, etc. Use the smooth side for leathers and delicate fabrics, and save the bristles for removing hair and “brushing” fibers.


Carpet Tool

You may have noticed a vacuum cleaner attachment with no bristles at all. The carpet tool is a long rectangular piece with a smooth scalloped plastic edge. You should not use this accessory to clean deep pile carpets or hardwood floors. It just won’t get the job done. Instead, use the scalloped carpet attachment to suction dirt from short pile carpet. 


Floor Brush 

Similar to the carpet tool, the floor brush attachment is also long and rectangular. The difference here is that this brush features a row of nylon bristles along the edge. Use this tool to clean hard floors. The bristles will pick up dirt and dust, trapping it before being sucked up by the vacuum. 


Rotating Floor Brush 

Your vacuum may come with a small rotating brush, a large rotating brush, or both! You may also hear these tools called hand-powered brushes. They are helpful for deep pile carpets and hard-to-clean areas such as carpeted stairs. If you have a pet that sheds hair, you may find this attachment especially handy for its ability to remove hair. 



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